The sounds presented in this METRO ANNOUNCEMENT pack are a compilation of announcements broadcasted in the French Parisian metro. They have been sourced from various recordings made for the collections PARIS UNDERGROUND and PARIS METRO.

This METRO ANNOUCEMENT complements well the other metro collections.

You don’t realize how many announcements are broadcast when you’re traveling in the metro, but when you stop to record long atmospheres in subways and stations, these announcements become somewhat tedious

It takes a certain amount of effort to record long atmospheres in the corridors of the Paris metro without being interrupted by announcements, but they are part of the overall ambience.

It was important not to include the various announcements in the sounds offered in the two Metro collections, bringing more simplicity in use for sound designers.

That’s why the metro announcements are all in one collection !

You’ll find some of the announcements broadcasted in the metro, recorded mainly from :

  • Various platforms
  • Inside the metro
  • In the station corridors

This pack is not intended to propose all the announcements broadcasted in the Parisian metro, unlike the PARIS METRO pack which is very complete.

That’s why it’s offered to you, in 5.0 as well as in stereo.

  • 110 Sounds / Over 35 Minutes
  • 96 kHz / 24 Bits
  • Extensive Metadata UCS Compliant
  • 5.0 Surround and Stereo 2.0 sounds available
  • RECORDER : Sound Devices Mix Pre 10 II
  • MICROPHONES : 4x Sennheiser 8090 (QUAD), 1x Sennheiser 8050 (Center)

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