Enter the bowels of Paris, where metro passages shake the walls, and machines and ventilations echo down the corridors and platforms.

All files are embedded with extensive UCS compliant metadata.


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  • 89 Sounds / Over 5,5 Hours
  • 96 kHz / 24 Bits
  • Extensive metadata UCS compliant
  • 5.0 and 2.0 versions available
  • Simplified Open Tier Research for Soundminer Users
  • RECORDER : Sound Devices Mix Pre 10 II
  • MICROPHONES : 4x Sennheiser 8090 (QUAD), 1x Sennheiser 8050 (Center)
  • MW Surround Tree
  • AMBTran
  • MACHEscl
Recording StorY

What could be better than an early Sunday morning stroll through the corridors of the Parisian metro ? Almost anything…

To best capture this collection, I had to be in the corridors at the crack of dawn, in order to have sufficient space to move freely with the surround recording system, and above all, to minimize encounters with the millions of Parisians who use the metro every day.

The objective was to capture voiceless atmospheres for a broader use of the sounds, providing the opportunity to repurpose the nature of the sounds for sound design, but also to have a naturalistic approach to the Parisian underground, with its entire sonic palette. From the passing of people, whether they’re speaking or not, to the trains rumbling through the tunnels, making the walls tremble, to the ventilations and machinery resonating in the corridors and stations.

In this surround sound collection, you’ll find recordings made from :

  • Platforms
  • Corridors
  • Major stations

To facilitate your search, the metadata of the sounds specify whether they contain voices or not, and whether a passing train is present or not. So, you can easily find the sound you’re looking for.

The sonic atmosphere of the Parisian metro is both deep and piercing. The various machines underground give a thick body to the overall ambiance.

This pack does not cover Parisian metro transportation, you’ll find another collection dedicated to the metro vehicles.


5.0 Surround + Stereo, Stereo


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