The streets of a city are invaded by thousands of spectators, the artists engage with them, from this encounter emanates an overflowing energy.

All files are embedded with extensive UCS compliant metadata.


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  • 45 Sounds / Over 2 Hours
  • 96 kHz / 24 Bits
  • Extensive metadata UCS compliant
  • 5.0 and 2.0 versions available
  • Simplified Open Tier Research for Soundminer Users
  • RECORDER : Sound Devices Mix Pre 10 II
  • MICROPHONES : 5x Sennheiser 8090
  • MW Surround Tree
  • CRWDApls
  • CRWDCheer
  • CRWDLaff
  • CRWDMisc
  • CRWDReac
Recording StorY

For a few days, a small town in central France transforms and welcomes thousands of visitors. It’s summer, the time to party has come. People stroll around, stop to watch shows that street artists offer freely. The crowd reacts with excitement, laughter, and shouts to the various performances. All this energy animates the usually quiet streets of this small town.

In this atmosphere, seeing an individual walking around with a surround microphone rig above his head is almost normal because many artists are dressed up, and people are also free to be as they want. So, I wandered through the midst of this crowd and was able to record different perspectives of :

  • Crowd atmospheres
  • Crowd reactions
  • Various reactions, shouts, laughter

In addition to the recordings made during the Festival ECLAT in Aurillac, some crowd recordings in this pack were also made during the Braderie de Lille, where people also move through pedestrian streets. The absence of vehicles makes way for the crowd.

This collection of sounds will be useful for creating a crowded atmosphere and also for punctuating scenes with crowded surround reactions.


5.0 Surround + Stereo, Stereo


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