Experience the cold of the winter landscape. In the midst of mountainous regions, Cantal, France, immerse yourself in the calmness of winter.





Recording StorY

During a snowy winter, I decided to venture out for the first time in extreme conditions with the spaced surround recording rig. It was a challenging experience, and I learned a lot about how this rig reacts to natural and extreme weather conditions.

During the field recording journey, all the equipment froze due to the cold and damp weather, but all 5 Sennheiser MKH 8090s were perfect for it. They perform well in extreme conditions such as humidity, and this proved to be true.

Sometimes it was challenging to find the right recording spot while being on a plateau in a snowstorm, but the forests provided the necessary shelter to capture the gusts of wind through the frozen trees.

This surround sound library includes ambiances of :

  • Snowy forests with and without birds
  • Frozen water courses
  • Gusty wind from windy plateaus

These sounds were recorded in a mid-mountain region, around 1500m, in central France. This region, the Cantal, is known for its natural beauty, forests, gentle mountains, and beautiful plateaus.

Indeed, with snow covering all the locations, you will find in this pack sound files that capture the beautiful essence of winter.


Stereo, Surround + Stereo


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