Experience the sound of Paris, capital of France, during a lockdown. This collection of surround sounds includes recordings from dead ends to alleys and large streets at night.





Recording StorY

The sounds in this pack were recorded during the strange period of lockdown in Paris, the second one in France, particularly during the night.

During this period, the streets remained almost empty, and the capital exuded an atmosphere of a ghost town. Even with the prohibition to go out, very few vehicles and people could be found outside, even between 00:30 and 5:00, the time of the recordings.

It was an unique experience to walk alone in the streets of Paris while carrying the surround recording setup in that eerie atmosphere, as the whole city resembled a large ghost town.

This surround sound library features long ambiances of : 

  • Dead ends
  • Alleys
  • Large streets
  • Quai de Seine

The hum of ventilation and the occasional passing vehicles disrupted the tranquility of the night. The variations in ambiance of this ghostly city were fascinating to record from different listening points.

These sounds were recorded in Paris but can be used for any request involving urban ambient sound design. This sound pack provides a comprehensive experience of a ghost town with only a few vehicles and human presence.


Stereo, Surround + Stereo


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