Experience the rural world of Cantal in summer through surround sound recordings. Immerse yourself in the mountains, meadows, hamlets and villages bustling with the agricultural activity, the chirping of crickets, buzzing of grasshoppers and the presence of cows.





Recording StorY

This sound collection was recorded in the central region of France during summer. This region is known for its agricultural lands and livestock. Far from urban activity, nature thrives with beautiful mountains and plateaus inhabited by hundreds of cows, their bells resonating in the valleys. Forests also play a significant role in the landscape, hosting diverse ecosystems, wildlife, birds, insects, water sources, streams, and rivers. In this natural setting, humans live among the mountains, cultivating the land, and raising animals in open fields.

This surround sound library includes ambiances of :

  • Hamlets
  • Villages
  • Meadows
  • Prairies
  • Forests
  • Plateaus
  • Mountains

The surround recording setup was installed at various locations during both day and night, capturing the resonating cowbells from close and distant perspectives. Wildlife is also present in the recordings, with birdsong and insects chirping filling the sound spectrum extensively.

During this extensive recording journey, I recorded several weather changes like hot and sunny days, rainy days, and even thunders. With all sorts of farmland activity, including tractor sounds and distant human activity, this collection provides an immersive experience of the agricultural world.


Stereo, Surround + Stereo


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